Here at Ribble Valley Diesels we have cutting edge diagnostic technology along with in-house designed & built specialist tools, couple this with highly trained & highly motivated technicians it enables us to offer the following ultra high quality & accurate vehicle services, these comprise of:


Diagnostic plug-in checks (Diesel, Petrol & Hybrid)

Diagnostic live data checks (Diesel, Petrol & Hybrid)

ECU remapping (Diesel & Petrol) click ‘Diesel Power’ for more info

DPF/EGR solutions – (Diesel) click ‘Diesel Power’ for more info

DPF regeneration & cleaning* (Diesel)

Fuel system repairs whilst components are still on the vehicle* (Diesel & Petrol)

Injector extraction (Diesel)

Full fuel system drain, flush & refill following incorrect fuel being added (Diesel, Petrol & Hybrid)

Cam belt renewal followed by PROPER engine timing afterwards (Diesel & Petrol)

Engine servicing (Diesel, Petrol & Hybrid)

Turbo boost checks (Diesel & Petrol)

Turbo removal/refitting along with PROPER clean out of associated components following turbo failure

* = Services marked can only be accessed after on-vehicle checks


Ribble Valley Diesels Ltd is VAT registered so we are also able to offer vehicle repairs for warranty companies.


Please note:

The maximum vehicle size we can accept is 7.5 tons.


We can also offer to collect & return vehicles for clients within local areas, please contact us for details or email direct to:


Some areas of vehicle work that we do NOT offer:


Engine removal/refitting

Clutch or flywheel removal/refitting

Tyre changes or the supply of tyres

The fitting of hydrogen cells or propane systems

Bodywork repairs or spraying

Fitting towbars

Fitting roofracks

Gearbox/transmissions repairs

Gearbox/transmission removal/refitting