We can test, repair and overhaul (when possible) virtually all makes / types of diesel injector. This includes:

  • Bosch single stage / double stage
  • CAV single / double stage
  • Denso single / double stage
  • Zexel single / double stage
  • Simms
  • Stanadyne
  • Bosch common rail
  • Delphi common rail
  • Siemens common rail
  • Denso common rail
  • Bosch PD

Please note that due to some injector parts not being available full overhauls are not always possible

We have good stocks of some injectors for immediate exchange.


Whilst we do carry many injectors for exchange there are a few points to points consider before taking the exchange route.

Injectors can fail for many reasons such as:

  • Fuel contamination (dirty fuel)
  • Damage from particles due to failing fuel pump
  • Engine issues (cylinders overheated)

There are also cases of the injectors being condemned as being faulty and after further investigation the injectors were not a problem.

Due to the above possibilities Ribble Valley Diesels advises that ‘faulty’ injectors be tested / inspected before replacement injectors are purchased, doing so can ensure a fault does or does not exist and that if an underlying issues is present it can be dealt with before replacement injectors are damaged. Having this carried out may well add a little time to the job but it can save a large sum of money if the worst happened.

Injector testing and inspection starts from £5.00 each + vat.

Another option we provide is injector repairing.
Some injectors need not be fully rebuilt or exchanged, some may only require recalibration, high pressure flushing or sonic cleaning.

Injector repairs start from £20.00 each + vat.

Ribble Valley Diesels (UK) Ltd is a diesel injection specialist so dealing with diesel injection systems and diesel injection parts is what we specialise in and what we have trained to do.

There are now diesel injection parts available through some motor factors who, before overwhelming greed took hold of them, specialised in the supply of items such as: brake pads / discs, wiper blades, bulbs, filters, shock absorbers etc. Motor factors are suppliers of vehicle parts, they are not specialists. Motor factors have been known to offer diesel parts cheap but as with anything in life, you get what you pay for.

We have dealt with a great number of issues where parts for diesel injection systems have been supplied by motor factors, issues from the parts being incorrect for the application or have been faulty.

We are NOT saying ‘only use us for your diesel injection parts’, what we are strongly advising is that for items that are ‘specialist’ you go to a specialist repairer / supplier.

So for diesel injection parts use a diesel specialist, for turbo chargers use a turbo specialist and for engine parts (pistons etc) use an engine specialist.


To send any items to us simply post to the address on the CONTACT US page, enclose your contact details and also provide a return address. Once the item is received we will contact you after an inspection with an accurate price quote. We will do this BEFORE any chargeable work is carried out.

The good old post office (http://www.postoffice.co.uk) is one way to send items or Parcel Force (http://www.parcelforce.com) will collect them from your address.

Please click here for further sending info & for us to arrange parts collection