The heart of the diesel engine!

Diesel injection pumps are available from a number of manufacturers and in various designs.

No matter what the age of the injection pump or it’s type an injection pump is a precisely built device designed to inject fuel to the injectors at the exact time and in the exact amount.

Injection pump servicing requires years of experience and training, the skills required are best compared to watch or clock making as injection pumps often comprise of tiny working parts and precise adjustments are required to achieve a correctly functioning unit.

Whilst we are aware of some internet sites showing how to service an injection pump, Ribble Valley Diesels will not be providing ‘how to’ videos or pictures, we will leave that to the ‘billy no mates’ who have too much free time on there hands.

For those wanting an injection pump professionally rebuilding / servicing / testing Ribble Valley Diesels can fully assist.

Ribble Valley Diesels understands and has the experience to deal with virtually all makes / types of injection pumps to ensure no contamination could possibly occur, the air within our clean rooms is filtered down to 0.05 of a micron.

To ensure each and every injection pump is correctly dealt with Ribble Valley Diesels adheres to one simple rule. Every injection pump is worked on by the same technician from the pump being inspected, disassembled, rebuilt and calibrated. Some companies now rely on ‘production line’ techniques with only skilled staff carrying out the final stages of the work, this works fine in some cases but to truly understand the original problem with the injection pump to fully ensuring the fault has been eliminated can only be achieved with the one technician, one pump rule.

Ribble Valley Diesels carries many popular injection pumps in stock ready for quick dispatch, however, we do advise considering the following before ordering.

Exchange? Repair? Test?

As with diesel injectors we have had a number of cases where an exchange injection pump has been ordered only to then find that the original pump was not faulty in the first place, a potentially expensive mistake!

To avoid such an issue we advise testing of the ‘suspect’ unit to ensure a fault is present. Prior to testing an injection pump we can check for signs of contamination of the fuel (which could damage an exchange pump very quickly) or issues that may of caused failure of the original injection pump.

Whilst having your original pump inspected / tested adds a little time to the vehicle being completed it can provide piece of mind that no underlying issues exist and that fitting a replacement pump will ‘cure’ the problem.

Diesel pump inspection / testing starts from £35.00 + vat.

Another cost effective option we provide is injection pump repairs.

Some injection pumps suffer from faults that would not necessarily require complete pump replacement.

Minor issues such as fuel leaks, wear, poor running and issues from fuel contamination can very often be rectified with an injection pump repair.

Diesel pump repairs start from £75.00 + vat. (Exact price depends upon fault and type of injection pump)

Ribble Valley Diesels (UK) Ltd also offers injection pumps rebuilds with modifications to allow more reliable running when using bio diesel and veg oil, these modifications only apply to certain pump types contact us for details.

Another service we can provide for mechanical type injection pumps is mechanical tuning, click here for further information.

We would like to reiterate that Ribble Valley Diesels is a diesel injection specialist, we specialise in diesel injection systems. Please do not confuse our high quality, individually serviced / tested injection pumps with the mass produced tat available from some motor factors. Diesel injection pumps often take hours to remove and refit so to reduce chances of the ‘pump on, pump off, pump on, pump off…’ Routine, using a diesel specialist for your injection pumps could prove a lot less stressful and more cost effective.


To send any items to us simply post to the address on the CONTACT US page, enclose your contact details and also provide a return address. Once the item is received we will contact you after an inspection with an accurate price quote. We will do this BEFORE any chargeable work is carried out.

The good old post office ( is one way to send items or Parcel Force ( will collect them from your address.

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