The final stage of servicing diesel injection equipment is the test and calibrate.

A full and proper calibration is carried out to ensure the tolerances are within the given ranges and if required, adjustments are made.

Obviously the quality of the testing equipment is paramount to ensure items are up to standard and are operating correctly.

To give an example, during the calibration of an injection pump the internal pressure of said pump must provide specific pressures at given rotation speeds. This pressure influences all other operating factors of the pump, so if the pressure is wrong (due to a slightly inaccurate gauge) other aspects of the pumps operation will also be wrong which could lead to running problems if the pump was fitted to an engine.

One of the biggest financial outlays for a diesel injection shop is test equipment, one way to reduce this outlay is to buy in cheap test equipment.

The test equipment market is now flooded with cheap kit from Italy, China, India and Turkey, which whilst some is useable for certain items it is unsatisfactory for current injection component testing.

Diesel Bob Tuning only uses British (Hartridge), Delphi and Bosch test equipment, this is to ensure items that we supply meet and surpass all relevant standards.

No matter where you have your diesel injection pumps and injectors serviced ensure they have been tested on high quality equipment, this could save you having to remove components for re-testing on proper test facilities.