If required we can organise collection of heavy items such as injection pumps or sets of injectors (over 4Kg and up to 22Kg), items of lesser weights are best sent via Post Office.

To arrange a collection please call 01254 878582 between 9am and 12.30pm (Monday to Friday), the collection is likely to occur the DAY AFTER you call but a same day collection is possible for some areas.

Collection will be made via Parcel Force generally between 9am and 5pm, someone must be present to hand over items and sign.

The price for a collection is between £10.00 and £22.00 depending upon urgency, weight and value.

We will require debit/credit card details when you call.

Please note that whilst we will arrange a collection for you it is Parcel Forces responsibility to actually carry out collection, we will not be held responsible or liable for any losses or inconvenience caused by a failed collection.



Before packing items ensure as much fuel as possible is drained from them.

Place items within several plastic bags and tie or tape securely.

Ensure a good strong box is then used to place items inside, pack with rolled up newspaper or bubble wrap or foam packing.

Please place your contact details and return address within the box before sealing the box with strong packing tape.

Finally put our address onto the box:



Click Here to download a quick print address label


Once your item(s) have arrived we will inspect then and provide you with a quote to service them.